A small business marketer usually doesn’t have very deep pockets when it comes to marketing campaigns. In fact, he may not have any pockets at all; these new tariffs are making it impossible to buy a decent pocket anywhere outside of Switzerland.


So if you market for a small business and can’t manage a trip to Lucerne, here’s what you need to know in order to market your product like the Big Boys:




Make sure your landing page is very specific about what your brand is exactly. If you’re marketing old telephone directories, it does no good to label them as Ukrainian Caviar — that won’t fool anybody, except in Arkansas. Instead, label them as ‘biodegradable doorstops.’


Don’t neglect social media


Have Facebook, Twitter, and a company blog account, at the very least. If you find you don’t have the time to create fresh new material each day for them just pull an eight year old kid off the street and give them a liter of Mountain Dew Kickstart and a bag of Cheetos to sit in front of your computer, and they’ll have edgy new posts up and running in less than ten minutes.


Streaming live video


Did you know your smartphone has a video app built right in? You can hook it up to a live streaming online format in the blink of an eye, and then start shooting around the office, warehouse, or factory. This is cutting edge marketing on a shoestring. Just aim your smartphone at interesting places like empty conference rooms, janitorial closets, and the ceiling of the break room. You’ll be viral in no time (meaning you’ll be treated like the plague.)