This is no longer the age of the Baby Boomer, or Gen X, or Rainbow Coalition, or America, or even Paleo and Pilates. Nossir. This is the Age of the Hungarian!

You will find them everywhere, spending zlotys like drunken matrozok. In the malls, lounging around the fasirozott stand; at fancy restaurants, playing melancholy gypsy airs on ocarinas while awaiting the appetizer; dancing mazurkas in shoe stores as they merrily buy up half the stock; cornering the paprika market on Wall Street; and mining for cryptocurrency in abandoned lead mines.

They are a demographic that marketers ignore at their own peril. And the peril of their product. Did you know that recent studies show that Hungarians make up 100% of the population of Hungary? If that doesn’t prove something important then I’m a monkey’s uncle!

Marketing in Hungarian is imperative if you want to steal a march on the competition. Hungarians have been marginalized and ignored for so long in this country that any marketer who appeals to their innate sense of impulse buying in their native language will have their undying gratitude.

Besides. Hungarians are poised to take over Silicon Valley, as well as Wall Street and most KFC franchises in North America. They are a very tight-knit group that distrusts outsiders; but once they let you into their confidence there isn’t anything they won’t do for you, or buy from you. You could sell them old shoelaces as organic spaghetti.

Because of this, the time is NOW to make the switch to Hungarian in your digital marketing strategy. Nem ert egyet?