All the world’s a market, said Willy Lomax, and everyone on it just a customer waiting to happen.

If you agree with that philosophy (and you certainly should if you are a dedicated marketer) then you’ll also agree that the only way to obtain customers is to identify your online target audience. This is so basic and elementary that even a Gen-Xer should be able to grasp the concept. Anyone unable to grasp the concept is excused from reading the rest of this riveting article and can go back to watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

Here are the key concepts to tattoo on your brain pan:

What motivates them?  Most everybody is motivated in one way or another by sex. So try that first. If that doesn’t work, or you get arrested, then try anchovies. Everybody and their dog loves wants more anchovies in their lives.

What kind of people are they?  Most people think of themselves as kind and generous, as well as handsome and sexy. But in reality most people are ugly as sin and greedy as pigs at a trough. So appeal to their ugliness with free beauty creams and to their greed with cryptocurrency tips. You might add some anchovy recipes as well.

What are they talking about?  The only way to find this out is to send out Mike Pence’s Space Force to spy on them from outer space, and then report back to the giant living algorithm that will soon take over the planet. Hail Algo!