The CBD industry has grown extensively over the past few years. This can be partially credited to the developments and widespread acceptance of hemp and CBD-based products. A multitude of new companies have emerged recently, contributing to the growing popularity of the industry.

Among the most notable of these companies is Socati, a prominent name within this sector that currently operates out of its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Furthering the innovation of CBD and CBG products, Socati is known for producing a broad-spectrum hemp extract supplied as a raw material to manufacturers.

The company has recently received an incredible amount of support, gaining attention from investors looking to profit from the booming industry. Raising over $42 million to date from two funding campaigns, it has been experiencing upward growth since it started business in 2018.

Socati functions primarily to support the work in which hemp and CBD companies across the country are engaged. By supplying raw materials to brands looking to make unique cannabinoid products, the company has fulfilled the growing demand through effective extraction processes.

The Socati team is known for developing and using a proprietary process, resulting in an incredibly precise broad-spectrum hemp extract that can be used as an ingredient in a variety of products. The quality of the extract produced from this process is also incredibly high, which has led to a lot of positive recognition for the company.


The products offered by Socati take the form of raw materials and are available to companies that manufacture hemp, CBG, and CBD products. The company’s newly developed water-soluble CBD is a powder-based substance containing a stipulated amount of CBD.

The creation of water-soluble CBD was a huge leap for the entire industry because no other brand had ever achieved the same results. Before this product made its debut, most of the CBD-based raw materials available on the market were provided in liquid or solid forms, making it more difficult to integrate them seamlessly into most products.

This new innovation from Socati made it possible for brands to integrate CBD into a much wider range of products, opening up new markets and expanding potential for businesses across the entire industry.

The second product offered by the company is its original broad-spectrum CBD oil, which contains a highly potent amount of CBD. This oil is formulated and refined to fulfill the highest purity standards.

Manufacturers looking to use CBD oil in their products can achieve the best results with Socati’s recent developments. With some of the highest quality available on the market today, these products have consistently met the high standards of the customer base that enjoys them.