If getting traffic to your site were easy, then everyone’s blog would be a hit. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. Regardless of how great you may think your blog is, you can’t guarantee that other people will feel the same. 

It’s not uncommon for aspiring bloggers to scratch their heads and ask themselves why no one is visiting their blog. What makes some blogs so popular while others are a flop? The answer lies somewhere in between what you’re doing and what you might not be doing. In many cases, it comes down to more than just content. So, what is it about the popular blogs that make them possible? Keep reading.

You’re Not Using SEO 

Your blog isn’t going to get noticed by luck. You’ll need to get your blog out there so that it appeals to search engines. If you haven’t heard of search engine optimization, also known as SEO, then it’s time to get acquainted.

There are a variety of ways to use SEO to your advantage. Make no mistake about it; however, SEO takes time and dedication. If you don’t have the time it takes to commit to SEO, then you may want to outsource. Many successful bloggers hire content writing services for their site. It all depends on how ambitious you are.

You’re Not Having a Conversation With Your Readers

People like to visit a blog to feel like they’re chatting with an old friend. Think of your blog as a dialogue between you and your readers. Make it friendly and conversational. Sounding speechy or dry will only bore most of your readers and may even feel pontificating.

Aim for a friendly tone that’s relaxed and informal. The last thing most people want is to feel like they’re listening to a boring speech.

You’re Not Being Authentic

People can smell phony from a million miles away. Don’t try to come off as perfect or all-knowing, or it will usually rub people the wrong way.

People like blogs because they like someone to relate to or get information from a relatable source. Reveal the real you once in a while. This can mean anything from posting a photo or a video occasionally or sharing a story about something that’s happened recently. Don’t be afraid to be humble! People resonate best with authenticity, not perfection.

You’re Making It Too Much About You

There’s a fine line between injecting a bit of yourself in your blog and making it a shrine to yourself. The more that you talk endlessly about yourself, the less that people will identify with your message.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing about your life, but don’t forget to chat about other things once in a while, and ask your readers questions about themselves!