While Facebook still reigns supreme, Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms in the realm of social media. This is excellent news for brands seeking exposure and looking to reach their audience in a new way. 

Being a picture-centric platform, it’s no surprise that one of the main types of brands enjoying that exposure is the automotive industry. For enthusiasts and buyers alike, what better way to find a new vehicle than too see it for yourself? These are the most Intagrammed car brands on social media and how they’ve become so successful. 


The hashtag “Mercedes” is enough to bring in an incredibly large audience to a post, but so do its many offshoots. Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG are also powerful hashtags on Instagram, with the AMG remaining the most popular model on the platform. 

With 13.78 million uses, #Mercedes is easily one of the most Instagrammed brands out there. Their luxury brands and unique styles, of course, propel the company forward on social media. With a world-class name, its no wonder they’ve found success on Instagram. 


This German giant pulls ahead of Mercedes with #Audi featuring 13.91 million uses. Audi fans are diehards, explaining part of their popularity on the platform. While their sports vehicles enjoy plenty of limelight, the luxury Q7 SUV remains the most popular among Instagram users. 

Another major draw to Audi is the durability of their vehicles. If you found yourself in an accident and needed a motor vehicle crash attorney, you can at least rest easy knowing that the damage to your car is likely low. Ask any Audi owner, these cars are tanks.  


The ever-popular Ford brand raises the stakes with #Ford hitting 17.12 million. This makes them the third most Instagrammed brand out there. Ford is an internationally renowned name, making it no surprise that their cars find success on a picture platform. 

It should also come as no surprise that their Mustang is the most popular model, especially being so instantly identifiable. With their flagship car entering more markets around the world, its popularity continues to rise. 


With an equal footing in the global market as Ford, Honda enjoys plenty of Instagram love. Their brand’s hashtag sits at 22.78 million on the platform, with their NSX and Civic Type-R holding an immense following. 

Of course, the Civic receives the most attention as Honda’s flagship, especially within the car modifier community. Like Ford, Honda also holds impressive safety awards thanks to high company standard which also adds to their likeability.  


From their luxury to sport models, BMW vehicles are some of the most coveted in the market. Their high-end status positions them as a social media giant, but their nearly 30 million hits with the brand’s hashtag places them a the number one most Intagrammed car brand. 

With the high price tags of these vehicles, you’ll want excellent insurance and legal representation in the event of accident. The Easton & Easton family of personal injury attorneys are a top choice amongst drivers. As for models, Instagram loves the BMW 5, M3, and the M3’s GTS variant in orange.