When it comes to the world of investment recommendations, it seems everyone has an opinion. Of course, the difficult thing is being able to determine just whose opinion you should listen to, a question that is sometimes easier asked than answered. So in order to make that choice easier, we wanted to take some time to talk about Stansberry Research, one of the most respected names in the field of financial information publishing. Look below for an overview of the company and the reasons why many people who are self-managing their portfolios turn to them.

The firm publishes a wide range of newsletters and other financial publications in order to advise on a number of aspects related to the financial industry. The volume of publications available from the publisher not only helps explore a number of niche issues, but also offers a diversity of opinion that is difficult to find elsewhere. In fact, this diversity of opinion is something the firm prides itself on. By eschewing the need for all of its editors to fall in line to one overarching company sentiment, readers are able to read the rationale behind a spectrum of thought, and can form their own opinions from that.

The above approach to publishing has proven popular over the years. With a current subscriber count of over 500,000 people, and a lifetime subscriber count that numbers over 70,000, it is clear that the publisher’s message is well-appreciated. This popularity has lead to the regular release of over twenty individual publications that are put out by even more editors and analysts.

Part of the publisher’s reputation rests with its founder, Porter Stansberry. Stansberry, who began the company with nothing more than a borrowed laptop at a kitchen table, was well-known in the field of financial information before the firm was created. He previously served as the first American editor of the Fleet Street Letter, the world’s oldest English-language financial newsletter. In addition he has been often praised in the industry for his commendable prescience when it comes to financial matters, such as the way in which he predicted the credit crisis by going against majority opinion.

With reputation being so important to the company, it has built all of its operations on the basis of two key principles. The first is that it will only give information to customers that the analysts themselves would want if the situation were reversed. The second is that those at the head of the company only publish people whose strategies they’d want their own family and friends to follow. This enduring commitment to information that is trustworthy and useful, coupled with the existing reputation of its founder and editors, has helped to propel the company to a high level of public opinion.

Though recommendations in the financial industry are easy to come by, it is much more difficult to find information that one can thoroughly trust. That is why a company like Stansberry Research plays such an important role in the modern world of finance. For those who are seeking a reputable source of financial information, the company is definitely worth a look.