As with any company or business, having a social media is great advertising. It can allow others to reach the company with little effort. It can also increase their presence on the digital world. You are almost obsolete anymore without social media. 

Mint Mobile is no different. The cell phone service provider was founded in 2012 and currently owned by Ryan Reynolds (yes, THE Ryan Reynolds). They sell low-cost cell phone talk, text, and data plans for a pre-paid cost. 

You can find Mint Mobile on Facebook at @MintMobileWireless. When you visit their Facebook page, it is a pretty sight. They have a moving cover photo with a decorative fox. It seems that a fox is the company’s mascot. You can chat with them through messenger and it says they typically reply within a day. 

Out of 14,620 people who have left reviews on their Facebook they have a surprisingly high rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. Under the ratings you can see a tab include “Our Story”. This is a brief overview of Mint and what they offer to their customers. 

Next you will see the “Community” tab. This tab allows you to invite friends to like the page. This is a great opportunity to get your friends and family interested in Mint Mobile. (Bonus point: If you sign up/are a current member of Mint Mobile, you can make a ton of money referring friends and family to their service with the Refer a Friend program). 

Currently there are 44,342 people who like the Mint Mobile Facebook page. It’ll tell you who, out of your friends, have liked their page or checked-in with them. You can also see who has checked in out of all members of the page. 

The “About” tab includes all the information you need to contact Mint Mobile. Their phone number (213-372-7777), messenger link, website (, their industry (Telecommunications Company), price range, ($), and the opportunity to suggest edits. 

When suggesting edits, you can edit their page tabs, address, closed status, and schedule. When you click the “Suggested Edits” tab it will show all of their information, including an email ( 

Next you can see pages related to theirs. These pages have likes as well so you can go to their page. Some of the related pages are Mint Mobile, Mint Mobile Cares, and Jimmy Fallon. Last, it offers an option for the page to be translated, in case you don’t speak English. 

There is an overview tab of the Recommendations and Reviews. It shows some of the relevant reviews and recommendations from previous customers. It even gives you the option to recommend Mint Mobile. 

Last thing, you can see the pictures and posts that they have uploaded. You can comment on the posts and expect a reply back from the page. Mint Mobile does pretty well with commenting back and interacting on their posts. Check it out here

If you need any more information on their plans, check out their website and this comprehensive mint mobile review.