Being multi-passionate is a superpower! It is possible to combine your various passions and prosper. There’s a whole world of people searching for what you do and exactly how you do it. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t exist. Create it!

Jateya Jones has been creating a movement to disrupt the multi-passionate approach to entrepreneurship. She is a serial entrepreneur, multi-passionate, and thought leader who desires to shift the culture of entrepreneurship, create a vast wave of community change, and synergize community sustainability. Jateya believes the first step in doing this is by helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs overcome the stigma of being a “Jack of all trades and master of none” and see it as a superpower., The complete saying is, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often is better than a master of one.” According to her, “Without knowing the end of the phrase, many multi-passionate have spent most of their lives feeling ashamed of being good at many things.” She believes empowering them with the complete message will allow them to be free to reinvigorate dream transformation and truly become the creative geniuses they were born to be.

Inspiring Multi-Passionates

Many multi-passionate believe they do a bunch of different things well but that none of them are related. However, Jateya’s philosophy is that they actually only do one thing, but in many different ways. When you ask people what they do, the majority will give you their title or how they make their money. However, Jateya says, “We need to shift our thinking and focus on what we actually do and not how we make money. Once you know what you do, you can make money by doing literally what you naturally were born to do!”

Therefore, Jateya centers her efforts around guiding her multi-passionate clients in finding what they do, the common thread that ties together all of their passions. Knowing the “Common Thread” helps them go from speaking in silos to synergies, which helps everybody understand their different ambitions in life and how they all connect.

If you have many different passions and yearn to identify the one thing that connects the many different ways you show up in the marketplace, you are multi-passionate, and Jateya is ready to help you get your message across. She finds that the majority don’t want to admit that they do one thing. Their purpose or natural gift comes so naturally that it is right in their face. So close to their face that they can’t see it and only identify with the many ways they make their income. That’s where Jateya comes in. She helps pull them away so they can see the one common thread. Once they see it, that begins their journey of showing up as their superpower and truly prospering in their purpose!

Pushing Past The Stigma Of Multi-Passionate

Most multi-passionates don’t fit into a conventional career box. Jateya recalls how she was employed with a good government job and later furloughed. This event woke her up to the lack of security the job provided. She was upset that she had forced herself to conform to a conventional career to obtain security, to realize it was an illusion. This was when Jateya decided enough was enough. She had already begun working with individuals as a “side hustle” or hobby, which filled her with joy.

Therefore, she found it more and more challenging to comply with the employment space. When she felt prepared, she leaped and became a full-time entrepreneur doing things and working with people that brought her joy.

Today, she is helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs worldwide to understand that they are not confused, nor are they scattered. They just haven’t identified their common thread.

This visionary woman has brought much transformation and clarity, which comes with much healing, unlearning, and relearning, providing her clients with the confidence and courage to push past the stigma of being multi-passionate and boldly show up and stand out.

Wrap Up

Being multi-passionate doesn’t make you a failure. It simply makes you indispensable. Jateya used to hop from one trade/hobby/business to the next. She searched for one thing that genuinely fulfilled her and paid the bills. Little did she know, a common theme threaded them all together; the natural ability to help others clearly express themselves.

Ever since she has had a genuine joyful journey.