The term “special” is often used to describe something greater or better than the average. In education terms, this word describes differently-abled students. Special education focuses on helping those children with disabilities learn. Therefore, special education refers to a set of services offered to students who have unique learning needs. 

Such was the case with Pat Clark. He was in special education, and early tests showed that he had an IQ of just 56 (equivalent to mild mental retardation). Pat couldn’t stay focused or apply himself. His situation was compounded since he would fight a lot. He once punched his principal in the nose after an attempt to send him to foster care. In another incident, he punched his drunken uncle in the stomach. This habit is what finally sent him to a permanent foster home. 

Pat faced numerous panic attacks. He would feel like someone was stabbing him in the chest. Pat couldn’t eat and became very skinny. His foster parents also mistreated him, and he felt that life was rough. However, he never gave up on his dreams. 

Things began to change when Pat was in the 11th grade. He attended church with the family of his friend, Eric Sloss, who took him under their wings. Pat started to take on small jobs for a local mechanic, like cleaning the parking lot, painting the curbs, pumping gas, checking oil, and putting license plate covers. When he finished school, he fell in love with Shielagh, a fantastic girl he met in church. 

This marked a whole new chapter in Pat’s journey. In 2006 Pat founded his company Precision Pro Wash, an exterior cleaning company specializing in pressure washing. The early years were filled with struggle and sacrifice. When he made the decision to hire a coach on 15th December 2010 with his last $4,000, his sales skyrocketed from the usual $5,000 to $20,000. The marketing efforts taught by his coach became a game changer. Pat started learning about business and putting business systems in place. Today the company generates millions of dollars in sales and has won many awards. 

 Pat’s wife Shielagh manages most of the business while Pat teaches at national conventions across the US, mentors other small business owners and many other responsibilities. The company has grown from one small shop in South Carolina to operating branches in New York, Washington, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and 2 locations in North Carolina. 

Why does this company stay ahead of its competition? Because they believe that they need to do the right thing for every customer. The owners treat their employees like family and provide a supportive work environment. Additionally, they are very hands-on in their training by holding weekly meetings with their sales reps and technicians. This enables the company to keep winning. 

Therefore if you are looking for stellar exterior cleaning services, both residential and commercial, then Precision Pro Wash is the go-to company. You will be assured of a safe, long-lasting, pressure-free cleaning for your gutters, roof, siding, fences, decks, concrete, and more. Their services will save you money, time, and energy and increase the value of your home. For more information about Pat Clark and the Precision Pro Wash company, click here.