The current Covid-19 pandemic has seriously damaged the global economy, of that there is no doubt, and if your business has been impacted by the Coronavirus, you should focus your energy on digital marketing. While e-commerce has always been on the rise, the pandemic has turned many consumers to online shopping, as you eliminate human contact and do not have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Search Engine Optimisation

As millions of people use Google to source products and services, it is crucial that you have your website optimised for Google and other search engines, and Move Ahead Media’s SEO services are tailored to suit the client. Research tells us that the average online consumer finds what they are looking for within the first 10 search results, and if your website is somewhere on page 23, then you will not benefit from Google in any way, shape or form. The SEO technician employs numerous strategies to improve a website’s rankings when specific search words are used, and due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, all SEO services must be ongoing, if you wish to maintain that high ranking.

Social Media Marketing

With the government lockdowns and stay at home laws, everyone is on social media, much more so than pre-Covid times, and if your business does not have a strong social media following, you are wasting a valuable marketing opportunity. Handing over control of all your SM accounts to the SEO agency will ensure that a steadily growing number of people will follow your pages, and with industry experts monitoring comments and interacting with users, your business image will be one of friendly and efficient service. If you are creative with the content you post on social media, this will result in users following, especially if you devote a page to common questions related to your sector, plus you can create short ‘how to’ and ‘meet the team’ videos, which are always well-received. If you write an online blog and it isn’t as popular as you would have liked, click here.

Tailored Services

The SEO company comprises of a large tech team, each with their own speciality, which would include search engine optimisation, social media marketing and pay-per-click solutions, to name but a few. Once you make contact with the SEO provider, they would carry out a free online audit to determine the level of your online profile, and this forms the basis of a digital marketing plan that the SEO people would recommend implementing.

Government Support

If you run a UK based business, there is every chance that the government will offer you some form of financial support, to see you through these difficult times, and as they should, the government are providing essential support to all levels of business. We all have a right to receive government support and by making an enquiry online, you can discover to what extent the government will assist your business during the pandemic.

Hopefully, 2021 will see a return to normal, and when that does happen, don’t forget digital marketing, as online shopping will become the new normal.