The rocket league is the most critically acclaimed sports game of all time, which is a high-powered hybrid of vehicular mayhem and arcade-style soccer with easy-to-understand controls and physics-driven competition. There is no better feeling than taking a win in the rocket league. 

Thus, with Jesus Bullon, you will learn how to play best and win numerous tournaments in the rocket league.

About Jesus Bullon

Jesus is a 23-year-old professional Rocket League player and a coach. He has been a player from 2017 to 2020 and a coach from 2020 to 2022. Besides, Jesus has been dedicating himself to the Rocket League video game since 2018. He has also played for several popular teams, including Wizards Club in 2018, Besiktas in 2019, Team Queso in 2020, and Vodafone Giants in 2021. 

Furthermore, Jesus has sponsored well-known brands such as Nike, Red Bull, Vodafone, Trust Gaming, Samsung, Maggi, Razor, and Diesel. Nevertheless, he has won many tournaments and participated in the presentation of the brands “De Ke Vas” and 6KSkin. 

Jesus’s rocket league playing journey started in 2015 when he played the game with his friends to have fun. He never thought of dedicating himself to this game because he had no idea what it would become for him. It was then that the first rocket league tournament for beginners was played in Murcia, Spain, in 2016, when Jesus decided to make a try. 

Fortunately, he ended up in the third position after losing to one of the best players in Spain with a slight difference. Afterward, Jesus stopped playing the game just for fun and started loving it, putting effort into reaching high levels. He won two other tournaments in his city with some effect that same year.

The Rocket League Championship

RLCS is the most essential rocket league competition. Jesus has been a Runner-up and European champion in this rocket league. He qualified for the RLCS X Rocket League World Championship in 2021, although it was canceled in Texas due to Covid19. He held the third and fourth positions in the World Cup played online in Europe. Additionally, Jesus participated in the “Olympics Tokyo 2020”, representing Spain as a coach. The team managed to finish in third place after eliminating Italy in the quarters and losing against Holland in the semifinals of the EU West. This was the first time that the video game Olympics were held online.

On top of that, this rocket league team has been the first team with all the Spanish members to win an RLCS European Championship qualifying for a World Cup. Jesus points out that his most significant achievements in this industry began when he became a coach in Team Queso. 

At the end of 2020, two of his teammates from Team Queso called him, wanting him to join their project. After signing up as a coach and a substitute player, Jesus and his team managed to make the top 5, top 2, and complete 12 in the European Winter split of the RLCS X.

Final Words

The rocket league is indeed the game-changer in the esports industry. If you want to know how to get more wins in rocket league, connect with Jesus on; or