Asking for a raise is tough. On top of wondering if you can formulate the question in a way that your boss is amenable to, you’ve also got to worry about whether or not your boss will react poorly to you even asking. 

Instead of going through the hassle of  whether or not you need a wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles to represent you because you got sacked, why not get that raise without even saying a word about it? It might be easier than you think — here are a few tips to get you started.

Start Building Your Skills

Turning yourself into a more valuable employee is always going to make you a keeper in the eyes of the higher ups, so why not start that process of self-improvement today? The things you need to learn are dependent upon your current training and your specific industry, but know that there’s always more to learn. You can start looking for professional organizations within your field that will help you gain the knowledge you need, and the coming trends that you’ll need to keep track of and adapt to so that you can stand out.

Get Ahead Of The Curve

In addition to taking the initiative on building up your skills, you can start being proactive about getting stuff done around the workplace as well. There’s some judgement you’ll need to exercise here, obviously, as you won’t want to step on any of your colleagues toes, but if there’s an opportunity to get some extra work done, you should seize it. Most bosses enjoy when extra work is getting done and they don’t have to ask for it, so find out where you can make a positive impact at your office and then get to it.

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you want to make yourself seem less reliable, you’ll cover up your own mistakes and shirk to the background when it comes down to those “big moments” at the job. If you want to make yourself seem like a workplace star, however, you’ll hold yourself accountable, calling attention to your own errors and having a solution ready to mitigate their ill effects.

Improve Workplace Relationships

Advancement isn’t just about your skills. How well you get along with the team is also a critical factor. If you want to maximize the chances of the boss taking a shine to you and offering that raise unprompted, you’ll need to combine all that training yourself with real relationship building on the job. With everything in place, you might find that raise coming to you instead of you having to chase it down.