As a musician, you surely want to develop your skills to break into the music industry. Breaking into the industry can be a challenge to new or young artists because those dominating the industry have made the population camp at their sites waiting for new releases. The good news is that it has now been made easier by Alain Merville. He has bridged the gap to help talents of all levels worldwide connect with world-renowned musicians and get comprehensive and advanced courses to nurture their talent. 

About Alain Merville

Alain is a musician who specializes in piano playing and progressive gospel music, spreading harmony through his music. He is further the founder and CEO of This online platform allows music students across the globe to access a wide range of music courses and connect and learn from the world’s legendary musicians. 

The ambitious, skilled, and young black entrepreneur has an intense musical journey, a leader and stronghold of all projects he puts up. He is an immigrant from Haiti who moved to the US at the age of 7 and began playing the piano at 15 after taking lessons for one year. He beat all odds in his musical journey to now a manager, musician, and talent curator. Through his platform, you are sure to leverage your skills, and this is how.

  1. Collaborate and Learn From Established Musicians

It is only foolish to ignore help from experienced talents. To grow in any business, career, or craft, you need to seek insights from experienced ones. Every industry has stiff competition since everyone wants to thrive or gain market share. To beat the oversaturation of content, you also need to up your game, acting past your normal to beat competitors. 

One powerful way is seeking guidance from reputable artists, working with them one-on-one. They are the ones with a more extensive network and experience. There is always something new to learn in the journey of improving your craft. 

  1. Invest in yourself, taking advantage of learning opportunities

Investing in yourself is another force in boosting your music career. It is a great way to improve your skills as an artist of any expertise. It is essential to invest in yourself, whether in terms of money or time. 

 To grow, you have to be ready to invest your money and time in acquiring skills. If you don’t invest in yourself to make sure your music is of high quality, you can’t expect fans to invest in you. YousicPlay is the best online platform to get various detailed and advanced courses in curating your music skills. 

  1. Tap various opportunities 

Another way to leverage your music skills is by taking advantage of various opportunities associated with music. Experience is the best teacher you can give yourself. You need to challenge your capabilities, and you will be amazed at how much more you will discover about your talent. You can reaffirm your talent by putting it into practice and looking at the effects. In the process, you can uncover your competencies and learn where you need to perfect. Don’t waste any opportunity you come across, either to perform or to learn. You never know the options that will unravel for you. 

Alain took advantage of various opportunities while in college, such as being a music director. He also started by recording and posting videos of himself playing piano, explaining the different concepts he played. A primary Gospel Piano e-learning platform discovered him and invited him to feature in one of their courses. It gave him some spotlight and has contributed to his growth.


Success in the music industry starts with how good your sound is and the consistency in releasing music. You can achieve these accomplishments if you are confident about your skills to keep releasing; keep advancing your creativity to release something mind-boggling. Music listeners are always looking for quality and a sensation. It is up to you to work on yourself going against the odds to make your skills match the audience’s wants. The above are some of the strategies you could implement to leverage your music skills. YousicPlay is also a platform that could help you with curating your craft. You can reach out to them on Instagram or Facebook.