How is your mobile marketing experience? Are you sick and tired of advertisements pushed onto your mobile screen?  

Mr./Mrs./Miss Business owner how do you market using mobile phones? It is mainly based on search engines and “push” advertisements.  If it is, welcome to the 21st century!  Do we ever have great news for you!

Let me introduce you to the world’s first and only real-time marketing engine as well as the world’s fastest vertical engine—1000 times faster than Google!  The future is ClikitySplit.

The man behind the invention is Jim Clouse. Jim invented real time marketing technology.  Real time marketing IS the future of mobile marketing because it connects people with events as they occur. 

Real time marketing technology empowers savvy marketers to immediately react to deteriorating business conditions such as the dead time after lunch and before the happy hour for restaurants.  Real time marketing empowers them to run enticing “Hot Deals’ Flash Sales and other sales promotions to drive traffic and fill empty seats and stores.

The Iconic Founder

Jim Clouse is the founder and inventor of ClikitySplit, the world’s first and only real-time dynamic marketing engine as well as the world’s fastest vertical search engine–1000 times faster than Google. 

Remarkably, Jim has made his living online full time for more than 23 years. Jim has made several online innovations including visually plotting points of interest on maps a full four years before Google Maps was introduced.  JIm prides himself on perfecting mobile marketing with absolutely no ‘push’ advertising to spoil the end user experience.

Jim’s Journey to ClikitySplit Invention

Jim first visually displayed search results via GPS on static maps in April 1998 on static maps. He quickly realized that showing points of interest via GPS gave those POIs tremendous visual marketing power. That is when the idea of ClikitySplit was conceived. 

Jim built his first website called in 1998.  nashvlleNOW was designed to capture  everything to do in Nashville. On June 5, 2001, a full four years before Google Maps, Jim built which also depicted search results on static maps and uniquely provided sorting of search results by price range with just a click.

However, Jim always dreamed of building the first world’s dynamic marketing engine with no absolutely no intrusive “push” advertising to spoil the end user experience. Jim and his long-time programmer realized that technology had caught up with his vision and built ClikitySplit. Jim received a patent on real time marketing technology on October 20, 2020.

How ClikitySplit Works

ClikitySpit is 99.9% tapping, not typing. Typing is only required to change the hyperlocal map that is displayed based on the user’s GPS location. The comparison of competing businesses within the same category and sub-category takes just seconds.  The end user experience is exceptional due to unique sorting features and the ability to start a brand new search by tapping a category and a subcategory with  all “push” advertising strictly prohibited. 

ClikitySplit possesses revolutionary real time marketing technology for business owners  Using ClikitySplit, marketers build their rich, multimedia mobile website in 20-25 minutes with ClikitySplit’s step-by-step wizard using all the rich multimedia tools available today (video, audio, slideshow, scrolling ticker marketing message, etc.) plus 10,000 characters of text. 

Each time a business changes its “dynamic billboard” in ClikitySplit, the update is immediately pushed to its Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, and smartphones, exciting its followers and creating a buzz with their friends, filling those empty seats and stores. 

Real-Time Marketing IS the Future!

Real-time marketing is the ability to react immediately to deteriorating business conditions to change content in real time to drive sales.  Real time marketing is creating relevant real time messaging on social channels by listening to and anticipating customer needs. The main goal is to immediately connect consumers with the product or service they are looking for and trigger sales.

ClikitySplit delivers an exceptional end user experience with absolutely no push advertising while delivering search results by just tapping with no keywords used.  Real time marketing is undoubtedly the future of marketing since customers crave instant feedback. Tailoring an exciting marketing message to consumers at the time of desire triggers them to buy the product or service.


Jim Clouse is indeed exceptional in his line of work, having done the unimaginable. Real time marketing is undoubtedly the future as it turns ordinary advertisers into savvy marketers by empowering them to change their content in real time in 2-3 minutes to run enticing special sales promotions or respond to deteriorating business conditions, exciting their followers and filling those empty seats and stores.

See ClikitySplit in Action

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