The vaping industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to much innovation in this field. Right from the start of the vaping journey, rapid innovation has allowed users to try some of the best quality vapes. Pod Mod is a smart vaping device used by many vaping enthusiasts worldwide. There are many benefits, such as portability, low price, and usability of this device. On the other hand, box mods are for the more professional vapers as the device is big and allows a large cloud, giving the best vaping experience.

Below are some differences which will help to distinguish between pod mods and box mods. Both of these vaping devices have their advantages and disadvantages. Below we will be covering some of the top differences of both the vaping devices to conclude. Buy top-class pod mods from the leading Breazy vapour store


While discussing portable vaping, device size is an essential factor. Pod Mods are smaller in size, much similar to that of a cigarette. They can be carried easily from one point to another safe inside your pocket. Pod Mod can be used anywhere, which is one of its most significant advantages. On the other hand, box mods are more extensive and might be challenging to carry from one point to another. Box Mod is more extensive as they provide a better vaping experience due to the extensive cloud creation. Box mod also gets its name due to its box-type shape, which is considerable.


When we talk about features, Pod Mods are limited to very few features. They are the simple mechanism that can be used, allowing significantly less amount of vapor. There is no temperature and intensity control features present in a Pod Mod due to its small size. On the other hand, Box Mods are filled with features. They come with a temperature control feature. Users can manipulate the temperature of the vaping device as per their liking. They also come with adjustable wattage and power features. 

Pod Mod vaping devices do not come with tank customization features. They cannot be refilled and they have reduced longevity when compared to Box Mods. Box Mod vaping devices are equipped with a customizable tank, which is a striking feature. The user has the independence to add any atomizers as per their preference.

Battery Life:

While using a vaping device, it is essential to keep an eye on the battery. Pod Mod vaping devices are small and have smaller batteries. These devices do not last long and have to be changed frequently for use. On the other hand, Box Mod vapers have large batteries, which can last for a considerable amount of time. 


Price is a huge factor when it comes to these two vaping devices. Pod Mod vaping devices are small and cost less than Box Mods. The Box Mod vaping devices are large box-shaped, and packed with several features such as temperature and intensity control. They also come with bigger batteries, which increase the price to a great extent.

Wattage Control:

With innovations in the vaping industry, there have been several upcoming features in these devices. One of such features is the wattage control. The Pod Mod vaping devices lack this feature as they are small and do not fit the right size to be equipped with this feature. Box Mods come with a wattage control feature that allows the user to customize the vapor supply in each hit. Users can increase and decrease the vapor entering the mouth with the wattage control feature. This striking feature makes Box Mod more preferable over Pod Mods if you are ok with the size.

To conclude, both the vaping devices are suitable as per how it is being used. Suppose you want a vaping device while on the go, then Pod Mod vaping devices are great. Whereas if you are looking for a device packed with features but do not oppose the size, then Box Mod is a perfect vaping device for you.