The purple Buddha weed strain is a hybrid strain having a pungent smell, which is very sharp. The purple Buddha weed strain consists of 50% Sativa and around 50% Indica. The facts about Purple Buddha Weed strain will amaze you because of its outstanding properties. This weed strain takes around 7 to 8 weeks to grow if you are growing it indoors. If growing outdoors, the flowering phase takes place from September to early October. This weed strain has gained massive popularity in America, especially in the California and Arizona region. Purple Buddha is a renowned flavored cannabis strain that is a cross between the blue Buddha and the grape-flavored purps. The cross between the two allows users to feel the exceptional flavor of creamy berries.

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The high produced by this weed strain is unique from the rest. It hits you at the start and takes you high, offering you a strong feeling of euphoria. This bud helps you relax as it makes you forget all your troubles and keeps you relaxed. When you take a large quantity of this strain, you can feel the hit it offers instantly, resisting your body to rise and relax throughout the day. Not just relief from stress, but this strain also offers happiness and joy, which is rewarding. One fantastic thing about the Purple Buddha is that even though it gets you high at a tremendous speed, it also helps to keep you active and productive with the ability to focus on your day-to-day work.

Purple Buddha fans are spread all across the world. This weed strain is popular among people living in the United States of America, and many consume it after having a long tiring day. It allows them to get adequate sleep quickly after working hard for the entire day. Purple Buddha is one weed strain you can try out with your friends as it relaxes the body and frees the mind and soul, helping you to lay back and forget all your worries.


Purple Buddha takes its fragrance from its potent parent strain. There is a vital essence of blueberries and grapes while having a layer of sweetness attached to it. The fragrance of Purple Buddha is very intense that will, for sure, make heads turn.

THC level

The THC content in the Purple Buddha weed strain comes in at around 15%, which is excellent for smokers worldwide. This weed strain offers the hit you want while having a smell that assures you of its goodness. While consuming this weed, the eyes and mouth gradually start to feel dry and itchy. Smoking too much of this strain can give you dizziness and headaches, which are mild. If you are new to this weed strain, it is advised you consume less initially as it can quickly make you paranoid.

Medical Benefits:

Purple Buddha weed strain has been very beneficial in the medical field, offering several ailments. This weed strain is used for the treatment of mood disorders and chronic insomnia. It is also used for chronic insomnia patients as it relaxes the mind and helps you go to sleep. Try out the Purple Buddha weed strain for total relaxation with the best euphoric essence that is unbeatable.