Change is an inevitable part of any organization’s journey. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company, 70% of organizational change efforts fail to achieve their intended goals due to the challenges of navigating the human side of change. At True North Collaboration, we specialize in providing people-centric strategic guidance, tools, and support to busy executives who want better company outcomes through this dynamic process.

Aligning People with Values and Mission

One critical factor in managing change is aligning employees with the organization’s values and mission. Research carried out by Deloitte highlights that organizations with a strong sense of purpose and shared values outperform their competitors by a factor of 6. Overcoming resistance to change can be achieved by inviting employees to join the process. Embracing inclusivity and continuous learning fosters an environment where individuals embrace change as a shared journey, resulting in positive outcomes. Change happens “with them” instead of “to them.”

Inspiring Greatness in the Face of Challenges

Change can be disruptive, but it also presents opportunities for growth and transformation. A study published in the Harvard Business Review reveals that organizations effectively managing change experience a 17% increase in productivity. At True North Collaboration, our hands-on, action-oriented approach guides companies through the change process, inspiring greatness even in the face of challenges. We empower senior executives to navigate uncertainties and complexities, enabling them to embrace new possibilities and achieve remarkable results.

Training Internal Facilitators and Engagement Ambassadors

Training internal facilitators and engagement ambassadors is essential for ensuring the sustainability of desired outcomes. Research conducted by Bersin & Associates emphasizes the importance of internal change agents in driving successful transformation. By equipping internal teams with the necessary skills and knowledge, organizations cultivate leaders who take the lead in personalizing the change process and driving continuous improvement. This approach enhances the organization’s capacity for change and fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among employees.

Overcoming the Overwhelming Nature of Change

Change can often feel overwhelming, but at True North Collaboration, we bring confidence to the process by supporting leadership to navigate the human side of change with creativity and purpose. We understand the uncertainties of change and provide the necessary guidance and support to help organizations overcome them. Our expertise allows us to guarantee our work, and our commitment ensures the delivery of a positive and inclusive culture that is well-equipped to tackle the turbulence of today AND tomorrow.


Change is an inevitable and necessary part of organizational growth and adaptation. By aligning people with values and mission, inspiring greatness in the face of challenges, and empowering internal teams, True North Collaboration guides organizations through the dynamic change process. Embracing change becomes an opportunity for growth and transformation. With True North Collaboration’s guidance, organizations can navigate the complexities of change, fuel their inspiration, and achieve tangible results that propel them forward.