To develop

Keep developing yourself, how cool is that? Learning and working are concepts that can no longer be separated. We develop the best learning path together with you , in which your development preferences are central. Thanks to our challenging assignments and guidance, you never stop learning! You develop yourself in two areas: hard skills and soft skills. By hard skills we mean the knowledge and skills you need to be able to work for an organization as a digital marketing specialist. With soft skills we mean professional skills that are important within your work, but which you can also often use outside of work. For example, you can think of recognizing and responding to the behavior of others, setting priorities, not wasting your energy on things you cannot change and much more!

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You are central

Your training as a digital marketer is primarily aimed at ensuring that you can start working for various clients as quickly as possible. Then we will look together at where your further development points lie. You now know how the online marketing world works, because you are working for an organization through us. After a few months you can continue to develop with the help of your personal development plan.  In addition, we ensure that you reach the right level of knowledge at your own pace to continue to function well within your own expertise. In short, you determine your career and we facilitate the possibilities!

Continue to grow

You are also central as much as possible when completing your work. Would you rather work for one client? Or can you handle five at a time? Do you want to work full-time or part-time? Within the same sector or different ones?  Your personal preferences are our starting point. That is why we look for the best possible match with clients that suit it. That is not only pleasant for you, but also for the clients. After all, they also benefit from working with optimally motivated colleagues! We make sure you become the best version of yourself. This includes a good salary that grows with your development. In addition, we offer you a travel allowance, a personal development plan and various career opportunities in the long term!

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is part of your development within Talent Spot. Together with your coach, your development needs are mapped out and a personal development plan is drawn up on that basis.   We challenge you to discuss your business ambitions, wishes and desires with him, so that he can optimally help you to become a better version of yourself! In addition, you will discuss case studies with your coach and you will learn to come up with practical solutions for the challenges you face in your daily work.  We translate your development into competencies, among other things, about which you make clear agreements about results together with your coach. You then have a meeting with your coach once a quarter, during which your progress is discussed and what actions are (if any) still needed to ensure that you achieve your development goals.