There was a time when concrete floors were the “boring” floors used in warehouses and parking lots. They wouldn’t really be seen in the more “aesthetically pleasing” settings, because they weren’t seen as floors that could be beautiful. Well, that is a thing of the past now. With the onset of the “industrial, grungy, mid-century” look getting increasingly popular, people have started preferring getting concrete floor polishing instead of regular concrete floors or even a fully tiled floor! It brings in a unique look that no other type of floor can bring in a space! 

There are several reasons people go for a concrete polished floor. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 things that make this type of flooring stand out among other flooring options!

#1: It looks great

Whether you’re looking for flooring options for your home, or business, if you’re going for an industrial look, there’s nothing else better than a concrete polished floor! It’ll match the theme perfectly and look great while it does so! 

#2: It’s environmentally friendly

If you’ve already got concrete flooring, all that needs to be done is that it needs to go through vigorous rounds of polishing. At the end of the process, you’ll have nice and shiny floors without using any extra materials, harmful chemicals, or fumes! Making it eco-friendly too!

#3: It’s affordable 

Of course, the price of the polished concrete will be significantly less if you already have the main concrete slab in place, but even if you don’t, getting concrete poured in is very affordable in terms of installation per square foot, when compared to most other types of flooring available in the markets! 

#4: It’s easy to maintain

When it comes to some of the most popular flooring options, like wooden floors, the effort doesn’t end at the installation. Floors like that need to be properly maintained to ensure they last long enough for them to be worth the money that went into installing the floor! They need to be regularly cleaned, waxed, and kept dry, which can get very hard in both, a home and in an office. With concrete polished floors, that’s not a problem. These floors can be swept, vacuumed, and mopped to clean, whichever method you prefer. If by accident a liquid is used on the surface that shouldn’t have been used, it could cause damage to the floor. However, even that can easily be taken care of by re-polishing that specific area until it looks brand new again!

#5: It lasts long

Apart from the fact that it’s easy to maintain and can be re-polished to bring it back to its original shine, concrete polished floors are known to simply last a really long time! They can withstand being used in areas with heavy foot traffic, heavy machinery, and can even do well against spills and stains! Worst case scenario is that the polish withers a little, but that can easily be rebuffed to bring it back to life!

#6: It saves you money on the heating bills

Polished concrete floors have a high thermal mass. This means that they help heat up the place quickly, and then do a great job at retaining the heat too. The heat-retaining property is great for both, spaces that use underfloor heating systems because that way the heat can begin at the floor and work its way up, and for over the floor heating systems because then the entire room heats up evenly, saving on the heating bills!

#7: Great for enhancing ambient lighting 

Since concrete polished floors are super shiny, even if you have a few lights on throughout the space, the entire space will light up because the light will bounce around everywhere! Enhancing ambient lighting throughout the space!