Architecture and contracting don’t always go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, they even clash with each other. Finding a common ground between artistic vision and practical building can be difficult. What’s worse is that the owner is the one who ultimately loses out in the end when this kind of conflict isn’t resolved. That’s a problem that Jeffrey Dallenbach is fully aware of and wants to solve. Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA is a renowned master builder in Texas with a success architect business and portfolio.

Where He Began

Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA graduated from Texas A&M and started working with firms that are well-known for their work in Central and South Texas. He became an architect in 1995. Determined to learn more about the processes of building and managing products, he furthered his education. When he started working with Marmon Mok Architects, his leadership skills began to develop. These skills further grew when he became involved with the American Institute of Architects. All of this hard work resulted in Dallenbach starting his business: ARCHCON.

The Successes of ARCHCON

Dallenbach worked as both the architect and contractor in his business. This helped reduce conflict between the two careers. ARCHCON became a reliable company for building real-estate, hotels, and more. This business is also responsible for building the largest medical campus in the world, which is located in Houston. Dallenbach and his team have displayed that they are competent in getting things done quickly and efficiently. He knew how to balance time and budget in a way that would be the most convenient for his clients.

The Expansion of ARCHCON

Dallenbach was eventually able to create a sister location after gaining full control over ARCHCON. The name of this new location is ARCHCON Architecture. He has gained reasonable success with ARCHCON Architecture as he has with his first business, getting repeat clients and giving the same great service. It wasn’t yet enough for Dallenbach. He wanted there to be a harmonic collaboration between the architect, contractor, and owner. That’s why he merged ARCHCON Architecture and ARCHCON Design-Build to create DALLENBACH·COLE ARCHITECTURE.

Solving an Industry-Wide Problem

One major issue with building projects is efficiency. As previously mentioned, contractors and architects tend to disagree with each other, further delaying the project. Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA established DALLENBACH-COLE ARCHITECTURE to solve this issue. He doesn’t wait until problems like environmental or economic issues arise before solving it. Dallenbach makes sure that the owner, architect, and contractor come together and plan everything out before anyone even starts building. This helps to build trust between client and company.

Jeffrey S. Dallenbach has worked on many projects from many industries with his company. Recently, however, he’s been focusing more on storage facilities. As odd as that sounds, it makes sense if you are aware that the storage industry has become a billion-dollar industry. Dallenbach doesn’t simply make those dull, cookie-cutter storage buildings that all look the same. He brings his style and flair to make these businesses stand out. For examples of his unique work, look to places like the Stor Self-Storage building in Cresta Bella, Texas, the Mines Roads Self-Storage & Mini Offices facility in Laredo, Texas, and the Extra Space Storage building on Maple Avenue in Dallas, Texas. Each of these buildings shows that not only does Dallenbach go beyond the standard look of a storage facility, but he goes out of his way to make them inviting and visually appealing on a comforting level. There are many reasons the storage industry is expanding, and DALLENBACH-COLE ARCHITECTURE will be able to provide their services while paving the way for the professional building trade.